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ArchiCAD in China!

Two big pieces of news from Graphisoft this week. Both to do with Graphisoft partnering up with Chinese firms. This is very exciting news. You can read both press releases below.

Graphisoft inks Strategic Partnership with JZFZ in China

Graphisoft joins forces with UDG in China

Why does an ArchiCAD user in Minnesota care about this? Why was this a great 4th of July surprise? Think about it: Teamwork 2 (TW2) is the best solution out there for working together over long distances. Hands down. REVIT users who say otherwise are just wrong. The polite thing to say is program A and program B are roughly equivalent, just different. And I’ll agree to that, usually. But that argument doesn’t work here. Teamwork 2 is superior to all other solutions on the market. Period. A few weeks ago I was working on two TW2 projects. One BIM Server was running on a laptop in the IT closet thirty feet from my desk. The other BIM Server was running on a computer in Budapest, Hungary. There was no difference in my working experience. No difference.

China is booming. Lots of non-Chinese architecture firms are working in China. Lots of Chinese firms want to team up with international firms. Imagine a local Chinese firm and an American or Australian or European (or your country) firm working together on a project. No file transferring or hand off. The team starts 90% foreign firm, 10% Chinese firm. By the end of the project the team structure has shifted to the opposite make-up, 90% local firm. Same file, same team. Seamless. I want to work on a project like that. I want more Chinese firms using ArchiCAD so that can happen. That would be awesome. And of course there’s no reason we can’t be doing that with our existing user base in any two countries or regions right now. Any ArchiCAD users out there want to team up with a bunch of Minnesotans?

Suffice to say, I’m excited and can’t wait to hear more about these and similar partnerships.


  • August 5, 2013

    And what happened 2+ years later?
    Did you team up with any Chinese archicad firm?
    I am curious ’cause I am looking for such cooperation and it would be awesome to know
    that it is already working out there?

  • October 20, 2017


    I’m working in Chengdu SW central China with Arch21.Main problem is the great Chinese Firewall.VPN helps to maintain my connection to our server in Canada, but we cant rely on it. Alot of teamwork delays and constant updating of VPN (Express). I’m sure things will improve as China advances onto the global stage, especilly from the point of view of foreign companies investing here.
    I havent come across any firms using Archicad, but have had some interest when I show it off!

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