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21st Century Residential Architecture Business Models

CRAN Logo and NameThe latest edition of the AIA CRAN Chronicle has just been released. The theme of this issue is architectural business models for residential practices. Not only did I write an article (about the underlying business model behind Shoegnome over the past five years), I also got two other architects/firms I know and respect to contribute articles. First there’s Bryan Anderson, AIA from SALA Architects. You know SALA Architects, especially if you’ve followed my adventures over the past number of years. Working with Bryan while I was at SALA was always a joy. We did some kick ass projects together. Bryan wrote an article about going from intern to principal at SALA Architects, and about the evolution of SALA over the past 30+ years. Contrasting Bryan’s article which focuses on a large, established firm, Cary Westerbeck’s article talks about starting a firm in the depths of the recession. I met Cary when I moved to Seattle, WA and we have teamed up a few times on some local work. I’ll hopefully be sharing some of our collaborations on the blog and the Facebook page in the coming months-in fact, we were just at a site this morning measuring some existing conditions. The final article in the series is by Kevin Harris, FAIA, who has run a small firm for over thirty years. I’ve gotten to know Kevin over the past few years as we are both members of the CRAN communications committee, which organizes the CRAN Chronicle, and I have recently joined him as part of the CRAN Advisory Group.

Here’s a link to the entire issue (which also includes a number of other interesting articles, videos, links, and other resources for residential architects):

February 2015 CRAN Chronicle

I’ve written a number of articles for the AIA CRAN Chronicle since 2013. If you’re curious about everything I’ve written for this online journal through February 2015, here are some handy links:

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