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Shoegnome Open Template 21.2 for ARCHICAD 21

To kick off the New Year, I’ve updated my Shoegnome Open Template for ARCHICAD 21. Here’s a link to the original blog post and video that talks about the original ARCHICAD 21 iteration of the template. Below are the changes. You’ll notice some of the changes are listed as v20.11. Those are from a minor update I did sometime in the past few months without announcing the changes online. I’ve started three or four projects using this version of the template (hence the quietness on the blog) and I’m really happy with the changes. I find it really frustrating that my largest project at the moment (my own house) isn’t using the updated Building Materials and Surfaces-it’s an ancient, messy file that’s a weird hybrid of my ARCHICAD 19, 20, and 21 templates.

Shoegnome Open Template 21.2

  1. Favorites – Every new project yields a few new Favorites.
    1. Range hood (v20.2)
    2. coat hooks (v20.2)
    3. Review Pens of all favorites, especially objects (v20.11)
    4. Updated Beam Favorites (floor plan display needed to be overhead all) (v20.11)
    5. Fixed Label – ID (v20.2)
    6. Television (v20.2)
    7. GFCI outlet (v20.2)
    8. Updated Stair Favorites to have display by MVO (v20.2)
    9. Empty Opening for Siding (v20.2)
    10. Tub Sink (v20.2)
    11. Tile for walls (v20.2)
    12. Fix Beam favorites in section (v20.2)
    13. Fix double 2x horizontal and vertical stretch (v20.2)
    14. Triple 2x (v20.2)
    15. Breaker Box (v20.2)
    16. Scalies – Jared & Carolyn (v20.2)
  2. Building Materials – I added IDs to all the Building Materials and created dummy BMats to group the Building Materials like I have done with other Attributes. A huge thank you to Ken Huggins for inspiring the idea and Ted Mengers of Pyranak Design Group for working through everything with me.Organized Building Materials by CSI category using ID (v20.2)
    1. Add dummy BMats for headers (v20.2)
  3. Surfaces – Just like with Building Materials, I reorganized my Surfaces. I was dragging my feet doing this, but thanks to Ted Mengers’ explorations and experiments with my template, I stopped being lazy and made this change too.
    1. Deleted Paint – Bright White (v20.2)
    2. Added 3” x 6” subway tile (v20.2)
    3. Added 12” x 24” floor tile (v20.2)
    4. Organized Surfaces by CSI category by renaming Surfaces (v20.2)
  4. Fills
    1. Added Block – Running Bond 12″ x 24” (v20.2)
    2. Added Block – Running Bond 3″ x 6″ (v20.2)
  5. Layers
    1. Added Structural – Blocking (for stuff hidden on Structural plan) (v20.2)
  6. Complex Profiles & Composites
    1. Added 2 | Interior Wall – 2x framing flat w/ 1/2″ Gyp. Bd. each side (v20.2)
    2. Updated Thermal break @ slab Complex profile (graphic fix) (v20.2)
    3. Updated Complex Profile header profiles to match type (wall/column/beam/etc)
  7. Graphic Overrides
    1. Updated Uniform Line Weight to exclude .Annotation layers.
    2. Added Building Materials White Graphic Override Combination (because sometimes details want to be black and white).
    3. A few other minor tweaks I can’t remember.
  8. Model View Options
    1. Updated stair/railing displays for all MVO (v20.2)
  9. Find & Select
    1. Added Position – Undefined (v20.11)
    2. Added Structural Function – Undefined (v20.11)
  10. Transfer Settings
    1. Added Exclude Home Story (Set to default for Favorites) (v20.2)
  11. Layouts and Views
    1. Updated 11×17 left border updated to 1/2”Â (v20.2)
    2. Updated Site plan auto text for setbacks (v20.11)

What are you waiting for?

Go download the Shoegnome Open Template for ArchiCAD 21! Did I mention it’s free, if you want it to be? Because it is. Unless you’d rather send some support money my way. Because you can do that too by clicking on the Pay Pal link when you go to the official Shoegnome Open Template download page.

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  • January 2, 2018

    Celal Åženay

    Thank you for YouTube Work .

  • January 2, 2018

    Celal Senay

    Thanks for Templates

  • January 11, 2018



    Thanks for the template work. I am currently in the process of building our office template and had begun using the previous version of your 21 template. I have since been tweeking to meet our firms standards but appreciate the improvements listed in this latest release especially the organizational structure of building mats ! How can I incorporate your latest release without starting all over again?

    Thanks in Advance-

    Also, speaking of inspiration, one issue my office always complains about is the lack of ability to place worksheets into folders – large projects are often plagued by dozens of worksheets by the end, as such using your “dummy” system, I have been able to at least visually separate the content at quick glance- a great improvement!

      • January 16, 2018


        Must be mis-stepping here when transferring attributes…, when I append the building materials, surfaces and the fills from your 21.2, the building materials transfer but lose their vectorial and surface associations somehow- fills and surfaces become missing, I believe somewhere in the transfer process the nomenclature changes and thereby becomes missing. I am sure I am missing something… ( pun intended)

        I would think best to delete all attributes from my current file then to append your new ones, however, When attempting to delete all then to append all new attributes there are always some that are not deleted resulting in duplicates—

        Can you list / show step by step process of transfer within manager ??

  • March 6, 2018

    Jon Victor

    Can you use your V21 template on the Solo edition?

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